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Posted in Uncategorized by magicalyours on November 5, 2008

Hello friends,

Many times I have had many questions raised in my mind, most of them on random subjects. When I had such questions, I use to do a little bit research on it to find a convincing answer for those questions. But I never had the practice of writing these down any where. Now on I wish to record these somewhere and felt that putting those on a blog would make it useful for more people. That’s when Questions4Thoughts (Q4T) was born.

This time, the thought on the financial crisis in the US and its effects around the world has made me think. That’s because even I’m affected badly with the issue. I had some mutual fund deposits which was struck by more than 50% depreciation due to the crisis. I have put the question as “What caused the financial crisis in US?”.


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  1. Adi said, on November 17, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    I find the blog extremely informative, simple and interesting. And I’m a victim of this financial crisis too. And… reading the blog,.. I’m left with a lot to grasp!

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