About Questions4Thoughts

Hello All,

Questions4Thoughts, this blog of mine is dedicated to a few many questions that arise in our mind about the things that happen in and around this world, that may or may not affect us, our family, our society, our state, or our country. The questions can be of any kind – What, Why, When, Where, Who, How.

I wanted to name this blog in a meaningful manner and so initially I was planning to name it as “A Few Many Questions”. But then I started thinking how much is that? I was only able to find out definitions for “few” and “many” which itself were not consistent enough through different sources. Some people say if there are 2, then it’s called “couple”; if there are 3, then it’s called “few”; and if there are more than 3, then it’s called “many”. Some other argue that few means 8. They gave reference to “Bible at Peter 3.20” to justify this (I don’t have much idea whether this is true or not). I just didn’t wanted to have any confusions caused or questions arised by the name of this blog, and at the same time wanted everyone to understand the purpose of the blog with it’s name itself. Even though a long name, Questions4Thoughts sound so be cool and good enough to make others understand about it easily.

I expect an active participation from the visitors through their comments.

Thanks & Regards,



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